Finnish Sauna

Did you know the word “sauna” is Finnish? The Sauna forms a great part of Finland’s heritage and culture. It is estimated that there are over two million saunas in Finland which for a population of 5.5 million, equals to an average of one per household. The Finns love their sauna so much that even the seat of government Parliament House – also has a sauna. Whether an electric sauna or an old-fashioned wood-burning sauna beside a lakeside cottage, the is always a sauna close to you. And if you can’t conclude that business deal across the table, suggest a sauna and a beer and the deal will be concluded in less than no time!

There are three different types of sauna and only a Finn would be able to tell the difference blindfolded and with their nose pegged: Smoke sauna (savusauna), 80-160C: Known as the original sauna and mainly found in rural areas. Smoke fills the room as wood is burned in a large stove. Once up to heat, the fire is allowed to die and smoke is vented via a hole in the ceiling.
Wood-heated sauna 70-130C: Most common type in the countryside. Stones are placed on a metal stove fired by well-dried birch wood – preferred for its good smell and long-lasting burn. Electric sauna 80-105C (176-221F): Most common type as it’s the safest and easiest to heat in homes. An electric stove is activated at the press of a button. Some apartment blocks have basement saunas that can be booked for private sessions.