Norway Fjords

At Pure Scandinavia, we consistently receive great feedback from travellers who have visited Norways Fjords, and these reviews illuminate why their trip was truly awesome. It is honestly a Picture-Perfect Landscape. Norway’s fjords are a masterpiece painted by the hand of nature. Carved meticulously by glaciers over eons, these deep and narrow inlets are framed […]

Why Finland Reigns as the Happiest Country in the World

Have you ever wondered what makes Finland the happiest place in the world? No.1 reason! The nature! Immerse yourself in the Finnish lifestyle, where strolls through lush forests, moments by clear lakes, and the enchanting Northern Lights dance and shape Finland’s everyday happiness. Finland’s captivating nature isn’t just a view; it’s a dynamic wellspring of […]

Crazy Things Finns Do – Wife Carrying

As your specialised travel agency for Finland, we invite you to embark on a thrilling journey into one of Scandinavia’s most captivating traditions – Wife Carrying! Hold on tight as we delve into the fun and excitement behind this unique sport. Imagine strong and daring competitors racing through obstacle courses, carrying their beloved partners on […]

Is Happiness the new GDP: The Battle to become the World’s Happiest Country

The annual ‘Happiest Nation on Earth’ awards conducted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network were published recently and guess what – no surprise – it was again won by a Scandinavian country. And this time around was Finland being awarded the accolade. Less verbal than the UN but resolute in their belief that […]

Ice Hole vs Cryotherapy: And, would you?

Driving home a couple of days ago I was listening to a local radio station hyping up the miraculous benefits of cryotherapy. The presenter, with his teeth chattering, had just frozen his butt off in a chamber filled with nitrogen cooled to minus 160 degrees. The station was giving away an opportunity for “three lucky […]