Babies and Snow – A Frosty Adventure in Finland

Greetings from the land of snowy wonders, Finland! Known for its breathtaking landscapes, reindeer-drawn sleighs and midnight sun, Finland is also home to some unusual but charming cultural practices when it comes to babies.

As winter descends on Finland, it’s not uncommon to spot little cherubs bundled up like polar bears in their cozy prams, drifting off into a dreamland while the snowflakes drift around. Seems seriously  unconventional choice doesn’t it, but no, for the Finns it’s an everyday occurrence with years of tradition to back it’s benefits. Besides warm clothing, the little ones are put to sleep on a warm fleecy underblanket and when the snow buckets down or the wind blows, their outdoor sleeping quarters are sheltered with a waterproof cover keeping them snug as a bug. Guess the proof of the success is babies happily sleeping for hours, breathing the fresh air of the outdoors.

Yet another success Finnish story is the magical box of wonders, the revered “baby box” which new mothers are bestowed with.  It’s a treasure chest filled with all the essentials a newborn could ever need – from practical items like nappies and clothing to playful goodies like toys and books. And what do you know? The box itself doubles as a crib! Talk about resourceful parenting!

Now who would think a box could give rise to another fun tradition, the Baby Box Sleep Challenge? Well, it’s not exactly a national sport, but some Finnish parents seem to enjoy it. The challenge is to place the baby box in various quirky spots around the house and see where their baby sleeps best. On a high shelf? Underneath the coffee table? The possibilities are endless! It’s like playing hide-and-seek with a tiny, adorable little sleep detective.

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The next obvious question about babies in Finland would be how are these tiny snow adventurers   introduced to the mystical world of saunas and are they? Absolutely! Saunas are practically a religion in Finland, and it’s normal for families to include babies in this steamy tradition. It’s a process of course, just a few minutes at first and over the years, build up to those images of sweaty men, surrounded by steam and thrashing themselves on the back with a bunch of birch leaves.

Now to lullabies. If you thought these were universal, wouldn’t you know it – The Finns have their own version “The Moomin Tunes.” The lovable Moomins, those cuddly hippopotamus-like creatures, have enchanted children (and adults!) across the globe with their adventures. But in Finland, they take it to another level. Finnish parents have been known to sing Moomin-themed lullabies to their little bundles of joy, creating a harmonious blend of Nordic charm and bedtime serenity.

What about those little feet? Let’s talk about baby’s first pair of shoes. Forget about the traditional soft booties or sneakers; in Finland, it’s all about the “Kinos.” These soft, woollen socks with rubber dotted sole are standard issue for the indoors where the wearing of shoes is frowned on. Great and safe way to keep those little tootsies warm and snug.

So, next time you’re on a holiday in Finland during winter with Pure Scandinavia, don’t be alarmed by the sight of babies sleeping peacefully in their prams outside restaurants or in the countryside. now. Embrace the wonder of Finnish parenting and their quirky, heartwarming traditions. After all, where else can you witness the magic of babies in prams, Moomin serenades, sauna introductions, and the coziest footwear around?

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