5 useful Norwegian phrases that you need to know

At Pure Scandinavia, we are always trying to help our travellers, and what better way than preparing for your journey with some handy phrases?

It’s always a good idea to learn a few sentences before visiting another country. The more you know the language, the more you will see and experience.   We have 5 useful phrases that will help your trip through the beautiful Norwegian culture.

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So, let’s tackle the language thing first. Norway’s official language is Norwegian, and yes, like any vibrant culture, they’ve got their own lingo. While Norwegians generally speak a clear and standard form of the language, you might stumble upon some regional accents and phrases that add a dash of flavor to conversations. While slang isn’t as prevalent as in some cultures, you might hear these informal expressions among people.

1.  Hei!” (Hey!) – The simplest greeting in the book. Use it to say “hi” to folks you meet. It’s friendly and perfect for starting conversations.

2. Takk” (Tahk) – “Thank you.” A little gratitude goes a long way. Use this magic word to show your appreciation for the delicious Norwegian pastries or a helpful local.

3. Unnskyl  (Oons-kool) – “Excuse me” or “I’m sorry.” If you’re in a crowded market or need to get someone’s attention, this one’s your go-to!

4. Hvor er …?  (Vohr air …)  – “Where is …?” Fill in the blank with whatever you’re looking for – the train station, a restroom, or a café. A real lifesaver when navigating Norway.

5. Jeg snakker ikke norsk (Yay snah-kehr ee-keh nawrsk) – “I don’t speak Norwegian.” Don’t worry, it’s okay if you’re not fluent. This phrase is your friendly way of letting locals know you might need a bit of help in English.

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As you embark on your journey with Pure Scandinavia, understanding a bit about the language and culture adds a sprinkle of authenticity to your adventure. While Norwegian slang might not be as widespread, the language itself is a gateway to connecting with locals and immersing yourself in the Norwegian way of life. Armed with these handy phrases, you’re all set to traverse the captivating landscapes and engage with the warm-hearted people of Norway. So, hei! Get ready for an unforgettable Nordic experience! We are here to answer all the questions you might have. Contact us (07 5408 4700)  if you want to know more!

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